The best cacao in the world

Ecuador is one of the main cacao bean producers in the world. Its quality, flavor, aroma and texture make it one of the most appreciated for chocolate producing countries.

By obtaining these cacao beans you are ensuring a product of international quality.

Quality is at its origin

The cacao that will reach your hands grows in La Concordia, in the middle of the Ecuadorian coast and the Andes, where the Equator crosses.

High temperatures coming from one side meet heavy rains from the other, to produce a humid tropical climate which benefits the quality of the soil. As it is crossed by the Equator, it enjoys a similar climate throughout the year, making it possible to grow cacao of high standards.

Where the magic happens

Our cacao grows in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, which has these climatic conditions

The ground is wavy
The average altitude is 325m above sea level
2.800 mm of rainfall per year
The average temperature is 24° C
Humidity reaches 80%
2.400 hours of sunshine per year

We take care of each cacao bean

We are in contact with the fruit. Our family farm allows us to be closer to cacao, giving it healthy growth.

We control the quality. We hand select the best cacao beans.

We integrate the community. We work with 10 farming families that apply the same care processes.

We train our collaborators. We make sure that the care and processing of the beans follows the same processes.

We preserve the
aroma and taste

We dry the cacao on wood, which preserves its aroma and flavor

We cover the entire production and export cycle

Our cacao ships in the best conditions


We store the cacao at a humidity of 8%, along with the rest of your requirements.

We have sent our cacao beans to the Netherlands, the largest cacao importing country.

We know the import and export processes of the product.

We adapt to your shipping and delivery needs.

We cultivate the land, a family legacy

Eurcacao is a family business that has worked the land for more than fifty years. Currently, we specialize in the cultivation of cacao and abacá, in La Concordia, a small town located in the northwest region of Ecuador, in the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. Cacao represents hope for this family, since it allowed them to get through difficult times. When the grandfather passed away, the grandmother left the cold lands of her hometown, Ibarra, to try her luck in another area with her children. Upon arriving in La Concordia, she found a paradise with a tropical and rainy climate, ideal for farming. With her faith in a new land, the grandmother founded the Santa Andrea farm and planted the first seed. As the years passed, the family continued with the tradition: her grandchildren cultivate an export-quality cacao.

Love for the land, respect for the cultivation processes and integration with the community are values that stayed in the family business for generations.

New Products

Our products are growing and now Eurcacao has new local plantations and a portfolio with new products that includes PINEAPPLE and ABACÁ.